How we work


Look for a mutual fit, together

Our customers are partners towards building great technology and shipping products fast. You bring the ideas, we help you develop them. When a new project comes in, we evaluate it as a team. Our main criterion :
we need to be as passionate as you are about your project.


Commit the right

We bring together engineers, designers and strategists from diverse backgrounds across Europe. Our DNA is rooted in academia: half of our team are PhD's. Based on your project, we assemble a team committed to your success.


Work fast

The key to managing high risk projects is to iterate quickly, fail fast, and boldly focus on what works. We start on your project with clearly defined objectives that we work fast to achieve.


Build, operate
and transfer

We turn moonshots into products that work. Our mission is to realize the outcomes you seek, have you take on full ownership and have us tackle your next challenge. We help you build your own team around the technology we delivered and enable you to remain the master of your own destiny.