Tweag I/O is looking for distributed systems engineers and a devops engineer to join a brand new team starting on a new, fully funded 3 year project in Haskell and in C to develop the next wave of storage solutions, targeted at the Exascale.

We are a research and development laboratory at the heart of Europe, applying functional programming techniques to tame the complexity of distributed systems and scale predictably. Most of our existing folks have a PL research and/or formal methods background and enjoy demonstrating the correctness of their solutions with gusto: randomized test case generation, model checking in SPIN/Promela or interactive theorem proving using Coq. We are active maintainers of the Cloud Haskell project and authors of the HaskellR project, among other open source contributions.

We are a distributed company with a presence across Europe (and a smidgeon in South America), but for this position we're looking to have you join a local team near our headquarters here in Paris. We're pretty happy to look at helping you relocate if you're up to spending some time in this beautiful city. Fluency in French not required.

If you'd love the opportunity and the space to solve the hard problems of science's large dataset infrastructure, by systematically decomposing them into simple, orthogonal solutions that compose and commute like in algebra, shoot us an email at [email protected].