Tweag translates ambitious visions into technology solutions that work

We combine solid engineering principles with new ideas from academia to solve complex problems and build critical systems.

We take on your project as our own. Our engineers embed into your team, injecting experience and technical expertise from proof-of-concept to product delivery. Achieve your vision with confidence by partnering with Tweag.

It’s really, really great working with Tweag. The quality of their work is top-notch. Their productivity is higher than average. And they’re domain experts in programming languages.

Fred Cogny, CTO, NovaDiscovery
What we do
  • Software Engineering

    We use tools and programming languages that represent the future of reliable software development. Reliability is baked into how we build your software.

  • DevOps & Infrastructure

    Software gets rebuilt and deployed over and over again. We specialize in making that process efficient for your business and auditable end-to-end so you always know exactly what is in production. It’s one of our favorite things to do.

  • Statistics & Machine Learning

    We know how to train and deploy models. We are also here to address the growing pains that organizations face in building out this new capability.

  • Applied Research

    There’s nothing more practical than applying the right theory. We have a track record in taking the best ideas from research and successfully bringing them to market.

Key industries we serve



Build statistical models, iterate on them quickly and increase productivity.

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Minimize risk with high-assurance software, from blockchain to trading systems.

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Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

Put safety first with robust and reliable software, backed by static analysis.

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  • Autonomous vehicles
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