Improving the craft of software engineering

We are on a mission to improve developer experience (DX) and data-centric workflows (MLOps). Tweag is a collaborative space where engineers and researchers join forces to apply new ideas — all as open source.


Many thought leaders of the Nix community are Tweagers. Together with our clients, we contribute much of the technical roadmap, from better reproducibility and performance to new use cases and developer tools.


We were among the first outside of Google to adopt Bazel. We are recognized community experts. We have contributed key features and new programming language support to Bazel. We did this for ourselves and now we can do it for you.


We are among the top contributors to GHC, a mature, state-of-the-art compiler for Haskell. Choosing Haskell is a path to more correct, scalable code for industries where mistakes matter. We created language interop with Java, JavaScript, C and R, we make Haskell run in your browser, and do the heavy lifting in your analytics pipelines.


Write complex configurations. Modular, correct and boilerplate-free.

Featured on our blog

LLM-based work summaries with work-dAIgest

Do you regularly wonder where your time went during a week worth of work? We present work-dAIgest, a tool developed during Tweag's GenAI hackathon that aims to use data from standard workplace tools such as GitHub, Google Calendar, ... to create a summary of your work week (or any other time period), powered by open-source large language models (LLM).

Nickel: Toward a Programmable LSP for Configurations

Nickel 1.5 ships with a new contract evaluator in the LSP. Together with custom contracts, this enables a powerful and native way to extend the LSP with custom checks, from complex validation rules to enforcing security policies on your infrastructure-as-code.

The right words in the right place

A report on another 18 months in Nix documentation.

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