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Your Choice!

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Probabilistic Programming with monad‑bayes (2)

Porcupine: Announcing First Release

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Third-party Haskell libraries in Bazel

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Probabilistic Programming with monad‑bayes (1)

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Why Haskell
is important

Code Line Patterns

Revelations from repetition

considered harmful

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The Sneakernet: Towards A Much Faster Internet

Storing secrets in Terraform

Introducing lorri,
your project's nix-env

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Internships at Tweag

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Declarative, Reproducible Jupyter Environments

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Mapping a Universe of Open Source Software

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TodoMVC in Haskell via WebAssembly

DIY benchmark history

Announcing capability

Asterius gets a JavaScript FFI

Funflow Example:
emulating Make

with linear types

Compiling Haskell to WebAssembly

Announcing Funflow

Stackage HEAD
is now live!

We're hiring!
Software engineers

Nix + Bazel

Implementing a safer sort
with linear types

Bazel now supports building Haskell

Internships at Tweag

Free monads for cheap interpreters

All about reflection

Making two garbage collectors be good neighbours

Parallelising your array code

Nix on the
Windows Subsystem for Linux

The Exodus to Streamgard,
an epic poem

Using Stackage for GHC regression testing

Announcing the
GHC DevOps Group

Array fusion with vector

How to compose streaming programs

Immutability and unboxing in array programming

GHC compiler plugins in the wild:
typing Java

Java from Haskell:
a tutorial

Tracking performance

Enter the matrix, Haskell style

Compact normal forms + linear types

Diversity through inline code

Array programming in Haskell

Encode state transitions in types
using linear types

I am a
functional programming evangelist

Streaming programs without laziness

R and Haskell:
best of both worlds with HaskellR

Typing Nix

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Technical evangelist

Linear types
make performance more predictable

A new ecosystem for Haskell:
the JVM

Haskell compute PaaS
with sparkle

Haskell meets large scale
distributed analytics

Stack + Nix =
portable reproducible builds

Programming R at native speed
using Haskell

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