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We believe that correct, efficient, and reliable builds are critical for developers to work and collaborate effectively. And that the size and complexity of a project should not be bounded by its build system, but by what is best to achieve the goal of the project.

Whether you have a large codebase or a small one, whether your project is polyglot or monolingual, and whether you work in an enterprise organization or on an open source project - the build system you have available should provide correct, efficient, reliable builds.

Open Source

Our goal is to help the open source ecosystem lead the state of the art of build systems and make the necessary tools and infrastructure readily available and accessible for anyone from open source to enterprise projects.

To that end we contribute to the open source ecosystem and develop open source projects such as Skyscope, a tool to explore Bazel’s evaluation graph; our Bazel extensions rules_haskell, rules_nixpkg, rules_sh, and rules_nickel; and our build configuration generators Gazelle Cabal, Gazelle haskell_module, and Gazelle Nix.


Do you share our vision on build systems and developer productivity? Our team has experienced, versatile engineers with a broad range of backgrounds and we are Google’s first Bazel Community Expert, and a Bazel Product Partner. We’d love to help you build your software correctly, efficiently, and reliably, and make the required tools available to everyone.

Get in touch, we can help you with the following and more:

  • Assessment We assess your project, if and how it can benefit from a scalable build system, what improvements you can expect, what resources may be required, and what challenges may lie on the way.
  • Migration We can lead your build system migration or help you along the way. We’ll embed our engineers in your team, collaborating with them directly on your code and sharing all relevant knowledge.
  • Tuning We can tune your build system to improve its performance and boost your team’s productivity.
  • Upstream We can improve the open source tools you use and contribute the changes upstream, to make them available for the industry – your potential customers and employees.
  • Training We can show your team how to work productively with your new build system, and how to get the most out of these tools.


Andreas Herrmann
Aloïs Cochard
Ben Radford
Chuck Grindel
Claudio Bley
Daniel Thagard
Guillaume Maudoux
Johan Herland
Konstantinos Sideris
Mark Karpov
Philipp Zander
Viktor Kleen
Yuriy Taraday
Yves-Stan Le Cornec


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