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Programming languages are ubiquitous in software systems. As software engineers, programming languages are our primary interface with the machines, from the languages used to build software itself to specialized languages interacting with software for graphics, audio, configuration, hardware programming, data analysis, data processing, data querying, and so on. There are many languages, many compilers, and probably increasingly so.

The mission of the Programming Languages and Compilers Group is to foster our programming languages design and implementation expertise encompassing multiple disciplines (mathematics, computer science, software engineering, UX design, etc.), in order to support clients who need to engage with any programming language-related task.

We seek to have a wider impact on the future of programming languages, by actively participating in the research, the design and the implementation of programming languages and related tools which align with Tweag’s values.

The Programming Languages and Compilers Technical Group can offer its expertise and its unique positioning in top-tier open source projects, which implies the capacity to upstream our developments:

  • Provide support, consulting or team augmentation on projects using advanced functional languages (Haskell, Rust, Scala, OCaml, etc.)
  • Develop new features in an existing language
  • Fix bugs and shortcomings in an existing language
  • Improve compiler toolchains
  • Improve the compilation output (optimizations and performance)
  • Design and implement custom domain-specific languages


Yann Hamdaoui
Facundo Domínguez
Erin van der Veen
Cheng Shao
Torsten Schmits
Christopher Harrison
Viktor Kleen
Joe Neeman


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