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Generative AI

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Generative AI has taken the world by storm. From ChatGPT to the wide range of other Large Language Models (LLMs) and foundational models, the field is evolving fast, and the possibilities seem endless.

Our focus is to capture this unique AI moment, and explore new frontiers at the intersection of AI advancements and practical applications.

We combine engineering agility with deep expertise and a scientific approach. Our goal is not just on improving the ‘how’ of LLMs, but also understanding the ‘why’ behind their functioning.

We’re working to advance LLM and RAG evaluation, make Open Source language models more accessible and usable, provide actionable practical insights, and establish best practices in the field.

Areas of expertise

Our expertise and projects span the space of GenAI and LLMs, including RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), chatbots, LLM apps and AI-enhanced software development.

  • RAG
  • LLMOps
  • Commercial LLMs
  • Open Source LLMs
  • Evaluation of LLMs
  • Value quantification
  • Secure AI
  • Private AI

We help companies bridge the AI gap

We strive to help clients shape their vision and solve their business problems using our deep AI, ML and software development expertise:

  • AI strategy: Assess risks, value, opportunities and come up with a custom strategy and an action plan.
  • Kickstarting: Get up to speed and rapidly assess value with a PoC.
  • AI product development: Build, productionize and scale your AI apps.

Empowering businesses with AI

  • Instant Answers: Use natural language to interact with your data and documents.
  • Proactive Insights: Anticipate answers to your questions before you even ask.
  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: Improve engagement with intelligent chatbots and custom interactions.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline tasks, workflows, and processes through automation.
  • Creative Digital Content: Craft engaging and unique digital content with AI-driven tools.
  • Value from unstructured data: Automate extraction of data from free text and documents into structured databases.
  • Innovative Solutions: Harness the power of AI to transform and lead in your industry.

A human-centered approach

Machines are powerful. But our goal is to help you create value. Building fancy gadgets comes second.

Our approach relies on humans being present at each stage of product development: providing requirements, assessing value, and iteratively offering feedback, all in an agile way.

Automation does not remove the need for humans to guide, guard and validate when needed.

With our experience in LLM evaluation and monitoring, we make sure you have the visibility and quality assurance you need.

AI-integrated software solutions

At Tweag, we are more than just specialists in AI.

Our unique position within the Modus Create platform empowers us to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions. We bring together expertise in areas such as security, DevOps, data engineering, product development, and digital transformation.

Our consultancy platform benefits from extensive vertical experience across various industries, equpping us with domain-specific understanding.


Nour El Mawass
Guillaume Desforges
Maria Knorps
Simeon Carstens
Aloïs Cochard
Joe Neeman


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