Technical Groups

The Tweag team’s collective goal is to have a positive impact on the software industry’s practices. To do this, we apply, develop and evolve tools and techniques to better address tricky problems, and share those solutions with our clients and the software community.

Technical groups within Tweag focus on specific industry problem spaces, and our current groups are listed here:

Data Engineering

Data is a critical resource feeding software systems and decision-making. Open source tools which allow for correct and efficient processing of data are essential in order to effectively leverage this resource.

Generative AI

Harnessing advanced Generative AI to create value and unleash innovation.

High Assurance Software

Automating the verification of correct behaviour in complex systems.


Sustainable software development with Nix

Programming Languages and Compilers Group

Research, create, improve and maintain programming languages and their tooling to enhance developer productivity and to deliver reliable, maintainable, correct and performant software with minimum effort.

Scalable Builds

Correct, efficient, and reliable builds are critical for developers to work and collaborate effectively.


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