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Committed to Open Source and advancing knowledge
Open source is how we roll. 60% of our team are from academia, where open source is the norm. Open source is becoming the norm for companies that want to attract the highest levels of engineering talent.
Why? Open source attracts minds from across the world and helps our customers build systems better and faster. Code sharing works.
We employ researchers with strong academic backgrounds and ask them to keep pushing the envelope. Their sole focus is to identify future directions for programming languages, and we bring research to production faster than ever before. Tweagers are working on linear types, dependent types and mobile code that runs everywhere.
Our clients get easy access to some of the best minds in computer science. They also get Tweagers standing on the shoulders of giants who are right behind them. Knowledge sharing works.
These commitments have helped us build strong, deep, and wide connections in open source projects that are changing the tech landscape. Below are just a few.

Many thought leaders of the Nix community are Tweagers. Together with our clients, we contribute much of the technical roadmap, from better reproducibily and performance to new use cases and developer tools.


Tweagers are among the top contributors to GHC, a mature, state-of-the-art compiler for Haskell. Haskell is now recognized as the shortest path to correct, scalable code for industries where mistakes matter. We created language interop with Java, JavaScript, C and R, we make Haskell run in your browser, and do the heavy lifting in your analytics pipelines.


We were among the first outside of Google to adopt Bazel. We are recognized community experts. We have contributed key features and new programming language support to Bazel. We did this for ourselves and now we can do it for you.

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