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18 May 2017 — by Tweag I/O engineering team

Our mission: deliver correct high-performance software faster. To do that, we recruited a team of experimentalists who use their formal training in a variety of theories and their experience to continuously improve our methodology and publish new tech. Theories that are represented in our team: theory of programming languages, natural languages, operational and control theory, mathematics…

We have found functional programming in particular to be an enabling factor for us on some of the most ambitious projects we’ve faced: breaking through the exascale barrier in HPC, storing and analyzing vast amounts of clinical trial data, parsing logs at scale, video search with natural language, building complex SaaS products with thousands of concurrent users…

That’s why over the past couple of years we’ve been active contributors to GHC (the -XStaticPointers extension, extending Template Haskell, linear types…), sought to achieve seamless reproducible builds for multi-language projects (Stack’s Nix integration and other contributions), broke down the barriers between Haskell and other languages (HaskellR, inline-java), scaled Haskell to run concurrently on hundreds of machines (sparkle) while leveraging the existing Apache ecosystem, and built numerous other tools and libraries for high-performance distributed programming.

Today we’re looking to spread the reach of functional programming. Not to preach to the choir - to boldly go where no functional programmer has gone before. That’s where you can help! If listening to customers about the challenges they’re facing, talking to them about your experience using functional programming, sharing your success stories and coding a bunch sounds like your idea of a good day, we have just the role for you. We’re looking to add a new member to our team in a pretty unique role: a technical evangelist.

This is a senior developer role, but with a twist. You’ll be getting your hands dirty and fighting from the trenches like the rest of us, building infrastructure for large scientific projects, creating tools to make people’s job easier and bring data to them faster. You’ll be listening and talking about it the rest of the time, within the company, with our customers and the multiple developer communities out there.

What we’re looking for:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • A passion for programming languages and a track record working with typed and untyped functional (Haskell, Scala, Clojure), system (Rust, C++, …) or scientific (R, Python, Julia, …) languages.
  • Experience writing technical content or explaining technical concepts in blog posts, forums, emails, or other channels.
  • A willingness to travel, engage with the community and speak at conferences.

We’re a European company, with an international presence. This role is remote work compatible, but we’ll be prioritizing candidates that are able to relocate anywhere in Europe, or better yet at our headquarters here in Paris.

If you’re interested, shoot us an email at [email protected].

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