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We're hiring! Software engineers

29 March 2018 — by Mathieu Boespflug

We’re hiring multiple software engineers to join our team.

Our mission: deliver correct high-performance software faster. We have found functional programming in particular to be an enabling factor for us on some of the most ambitious projects we’ve faced for our clients: breaking through the exascale barrier in HPC, modeling a large variety of physiological processes in the human body, designing pipelines for storing and analyzing biophysical data, video search with natural language, building complex SaaS products with thousands of concurrent users and many others.


We are pragmatists. We use technologies such as Nix, Haskell, C/++, R, Python in combination with each other to achieve maximum effect, building robust solutions within budget. You probably noticed this through much of our open source work. From HaskellR, to inline-java and sparkle, or our upcoming Terraform NixOS provider, Funflow and inline-js, we build bridges across languages and across technologies.

Pragmatism is also what has driven us to take some of Rust’s DNA and splice it into Haskell’s, to finally achieve readable, composable programming that is resource-safe by construction. This effort gave rise to a paper published last year and a GHC proposal. This might be a long-term project, but nonetheless a long-term project with pragmatic impact, born out of our experience of years of execution in systems programming for high-performance computing.

If you are software engineer with strong experience (whether professional, personal or academic) in any of the above cited technologies that shares our values taking the long term view towards pragmatic goals, then please consider applying!

Send us an email with a CV and a statement about what you want from your next job, at jobs at


We are a distributed team scattered across every single continent except Africa (working on it!). We have offices in three hubs: Paris, London and Zürich.

In service of our mission, we gear pretty much our entire strategy towards bringing together the strongest possible team of engineers. This means that wherever you are, we want to work with you. But we believe you’ll want to consider relocating to either one of our hubs (Paris, London or Zürich) to accelerate your experience learning from your peers.


We have new projects starting all the time. Here is a sampling of fresh projects from our current roadmap this year:

  • using constraint programming to find the optimal shapes and sizes to tile the structure of houses with a revolutionary new ecofriendly material;
  • applying formal methods and property based testing to analyze software specifications of transactions;
  • working with experienced teams to assist transitioning large polyglot projects to Bazel;
  • establishing a reproducible workflow for genetic analyses;
  • retargeting Haskell to WebAssembly.

Send us an email with a CV and a statement about what you want from your next job, at jobs at

About the authors
Mathieu BoespflugMathieu is the CEO and founder of Tweag.
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